Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Full Speed Ahead

We want to start by saying a BIG thank you to the churches and people who have allowed us to come and share what God is doing in our life! The response has been great so far.  Your support through prayer is amazing and for those of you who have taken the step to partner with us financially, you'll never know how greatful we are!  If you would like us to come and share with your church or group we would love to have the opportunity to do so.

We also wanted to let you know of a another way that you can partner with us. The house we will be living in and conducting most of the mission work out of is in need of a little TLC. Nothing too major but there are some things that really need to be done before we can move our family in.  We wanted to present you with the opportunity to help make this a reality. We are in need of about ten people who would be willing to travel with us to the reservation in November to help make the necessary repairs and updates. We will be painting, installing flooring, minor electrical work, and several other light construction projects. If you are inerested at all or would like more information please let us know. You can email us at liveloveaz@gmail.com.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're officially official!!!

Yay!! We are so excited!  We received an email this morning to let us know that the Board of Trustees at the NAMB approved us to be Mission Service Corps Missionaries.  Although we knew this was just a formality, it feels good to know for sure. 

Please continue to pray for us as we begin this process.  We know that when we are doing God's will and are following Him with our life that satan loves to attack.  Indeed, he has this week.  Everyday so far.

However, just a couple of hours ago we got an email from a wonderful friend telling us that her and her husband were planning a mission trip to AZ during the spring.  How exciting!  Just thinking about this makes us so excited!   Although we will miss so many of our family, friends, students at church, etc, it makes us realize that our heart longs to be there doing the work that God has set out for us to do. We long to be there telling others about Jesus and meeting needs!  We long to be there to do work that really matters to the Kingdom of God! 

A line from a song that we really love states, "All of life comes down to just one thing- that's to know you Jesus and to make you known."  That's the prayer we have for our life.  Everything else doesn't really matter.

Thank you guys so much for your support and prayers!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wherever He Leads I'll Go

We have sang that song for many years, not really thinking much about it.  It is a song that is sang often in most Baptist churches, and many times we sing it more out of repetition rather than as a commitment to God.   However, our family has been learning over this past year what it really means to follow God- no matter where He leads us to go.

We have always (at least from the time we came to Christ) loved missions.  We always thought that we would take mission trips with our churches and lead mission trips with youth, but never thought much about being "missionaries".  Over this past year and a half, though, God has really been showing us what He has been preparing us for. 

It all started with Eric taking a mission trip to Southern Arizona to the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation with Mid-Continent University.  It was a trip that he hadn't really planned much for or thought much about.  However, the moment he stepped onto the reservation he knew that God had something great in store.  He immediatley had this love for the Native Americans of that reservation.  To make a long story short, he was able to lead a young man to Christ and overcome extreme cultural barriers.  It was a trip that was truly life-changing in many ways. 

Three months later, Brittany went on a mission trip with Starfish Orphan Ministry to El Salvador.  She was so excited to go and it had been something that she had desired to do for quite some time.  She has always had this burden and love for orphans.  Although she had an idea of what to expect, she didn't realize how the trip would change her life.  She came back from this trip and could not think about anything else. 

God started impressing upon our hearts what He wanted us to do.  Although we both knew that God was calling us to mission, we didn't discuss it with each other because we didn't know how the other would react.  Finally, the first Sunday in September of 2009 we were alone in the car and neither one of us could hold it in any longer.  We both told the other that we knew that God was calling us to missions but we didn't know where or when.  We discussed it for several hours that night and decided that we would just keep praying about it.  We thought that it would be at least a couple of years away.

Just four days later, we were presented with the opportunity to be missionaries in Southern Arizona!  We quickly realized that God's timing is not our timing. 

We started praying about this opportunity to make sure that this was God's will and not our own.  Over and over again, He has made it known that this is His will.  And so, that it what we have chosen to do- to follow God where He leads us to go. 

We are getting our things in order.  We have sold our house!  We are in the last stages of being approved by the North American Mission Board.  We are in the process of raising our support.  We are speaking at churches, men's groups, women's groups, Sunday School classes, etc. 

We plan on being there in January to begin our journey as missionaries!  Please pray for us as we end one phase of our life and start another. 

If you would like more information or would like to contact us to speak at your church or other group, please send an email to liveloveaz@gmail.com