Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Children





Hungry for food....

But also hungry for God's Word!!!

Apart of our family...

He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

Tonight, my heart is burdened for the children of Cockleburr.  They are so precious to me and our family, but most importantly to God.  Their lives are not easy, yet they are happy.  Their lives do not consist of many material possessions, but they don't seem to care.  They are just beginning to learn about God, about His Son Jesus, the Bible, etc.  They are eager to hear and learn more. 

Will you join me in praying for these children?

They hear and see so many things that many adults have not.  Many of them watch their parents get drunk or high or both.  Many of them have the responsibility of taking care of the house.  Many watch members of their family go to jail.  Many of them have been in foster care too many times to count.  Many have seen death.

One grandmother told Eric last week, "Please keep coming and having church!  We need you here.  My grandchildren need to see something different in their lives.  They need to know that they can grow up and do more with their life than be addicted to drugs and alcohol."

So while my heart is burdened, I am thankful that God hears my prayers!  I am also thankful that we have many friends and family who will see this request and also pray! 


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What have we been up to?

I know, I know.  It's been a while since we've posted something.  So I'm going to try to let you guys in on some of the things we have been up to lately. 

  • First, we are continuing the ministry at Cockelburr.  Some of you know this and some of you don't, but we were asked by the tribe to stop having church services.  The district representative told us that elders in the community did not like us being there and disrupting the community.  However, we meet at Melissa's house (the trailer that recently got moved).  We have not went door-to-door asking anyone to come and we are not loud.  After explaining these things to the district representative, she eventually said that the real reason that they didn't want us there was because they liked the way they lived (drinking, drugs, basically just living in sin) and didn't want to change their lifestyle.  So, we explained that we were having the church on personal property and that Melissa had freedom to worship how she would like.  She accused us of "making" them have church.  The district rep. then said that Melissa didn't have that freedom.  She said the tribe had to approve anything that was taking place.  Long story short, Melissa and Cindy and a few others went to her and said that they wanted to have the church.  They have called a meeting to bring this up and discuss with the community.  So, technically, the tribe could shut this down.  However, Melissa and Cindy said that they still want to continue to meet.  So we are going undercover style.  We've changed the day we were going and time.  We've changed the route we take to get there.  We've changed the amount of people going to help with the church to very few.  We've changed up the vehicles we take to get there.  Please be in prayer for this, especially for Melissa and Cindy.  No one has ever stood up for having church in this village. 

  • Second, we have picked out a nice, but used mobile home for Cindy's house.  We made the decision that this was the best option.  Because her house now has to be torn down before another can be on the lot, this made the most sense.  It is way bigger than what she has now and much nicer.  She really does like it.  Now we just have to get it moved out there!

  • Third, I have made a contact with a lady in another village that has no presence of the gospel.  To my knowledge and hers, she is the only Christian in the entire village.  We talked about doing a Bible school at her house this summer and possibly a Ladie's Bible Study in the fall.  Please be in prayer about this as it is in the very beginning stages.

  • Fourth, our youth group is still going.  We meet every Wednesday night for youth service and every Sunday morning for Sunday School.  We try to plan an event for each month as well.  This month we are doing some mission work at another church on the reservation. 

  • Fifth, Eric has finished his seminary class for this semester :)  He has signed up for his classes for next fall.  As of now, he is taking 9 hours.  He has also applied for a scholarship that would be very beneficial in helping pay for his classes.  We find out whether he got it in June. 

  • May 1 was our anniversary.  To celebrate, we went to San Diego for 2 days!  It is only about a  4.5 hour drive to get there.  We stayed at a cheap hotel that had a pool so we went swimming both days.  It was also only 2 miles from the beach and about 5 miles to the zoo.  So we had a fun, but cheap 2 day get-a-way!  It was nice to relax (if you call keeping up with 2 kiddos at the beach relaxing) haha

  • After we got back from our trip, Eric got a phone call from one of the pastors that we work with.  Some things are going on in his life, and after much discussion, he has decided to take a sabbatical for a couple months and get things figured out.  Eric will be preaching for the next several Sundays at this church and Dr. Cecil will be some as well.  Please keep this situation in your prayers. 

  • Brayden is having surgery this Friday, May 13 at 7:30 am.  He is having tubes put in his ears.  Although this is a simple procedure, he does have to be put to sleep.  So we would also appreciate prayers for this!  It is also an extra expense that we did not expect so please be in prayer for that as well.

  • We are also making preparations to come home to KY for a visit.  We will arrive on May 23 and leave on June 1. We are excited to get to see all our family and friends!  It will be almost 6 months since we have seen everyone.  We have a couple of speaking engagements, but mostly we just want to visit and see everyone.  We especially want to thank our supporters in person for praying and giving.  We also have a couple of places we want to go to like Belew's and Los Portales.  Isn't it funny the things you miss that you think you wouldn't?  

  • I've lost count as to what number I'm on.  Anyway, we are making final preparations for this summer.  We have 5 (possibly 6) mission teams coming!  We are so excited, but at some points it seems a little overwhelming.  So we are putting the finishing touches on the dorm, finalizing all the projects, designing shirts, getting necessary supplies, etc. etc.  We're gonna have a busy summer, but hopefully one where God moves and works and lives are changed!!!

The dorm before

The dorm almost finished

  • Ella and Brayden have been involved with sports for the past 11 weeks.  Next week is the last week of spring sports.  We are taking a break from sports for the summer!  Brayden has played soccer.  Ella has been a cheerleader for a football team.  I am the cheerleading coach which has been an experience.  I have learned how much of a mission field that this can be!!!  They each have practice once a week and both have games on Saturdays.  It's been lots of fun and they have really enjoyed it, but it will be nice for a break.

  • Last, this week we have been working at Casa Blanca Baptist Church.  There is a couple that came this week from KY.  We did a women's conference Monday morning and a shorter version of Bible school at night.  Some of the men have been trying to clean up the grounds.  Eric and Doug fixed a water line that had burst.  A church from KY donated money for paint so that the church could be repainted.  It has been covered in graffiti and needs painting really bad.  So, the paint was purchased this week. This is the project that the youth are going to help out with.  We hope to get this done Saturday!  

This is what Doug and Eric found when they were cleaning up! Thankfully the snakes were asleep when they first found them so they killed them quickly!!!

So, that's been our last couple of weeks.  I'm tired just telling you guys about everything!!  I think I need to take a nap :)  Yeah right!  We still have to finish getting things together for class tonight, I have laundry to do, and dishes to wash. 

Please keep the things I mentioned in your prayers!  We appreciate it so much!!!