Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We did here!  It was very busy, but really good.

We had several things planned for the week of Thanksgiving.  Thankfully, we had a family from California call a couple of weeks before to say that they wanted to come and help us!!  Yay! ( I was beginning to wonder how we were going to pull this off- by that I mean cooking for at least 75 people- on our own.) 

In that same week, we got an email from a church in Mississippi that said they were sending money to help cover the cost of buying the food!!!  Thank You Jesus!!!

Getting organized and sorting everything out!

Yummy pumpkin pie!

Doesn't that turkey look good?

Getting everything set up in the village of Chuichu

It's almost time for everyone to arrive!!

Service with a smile :)

Some of the youth from First Pima also came with us to serve!

Dinner under the stars :)

We also passed out backpacks (donated from a church in KY) and some school supplies.

One awesome night down, but more to go....

More turkey

Ella and her new buddy, Charlotte, were such big help in setting up the tables.

Dinner at First Pima!

On Thanksgiving day, we visited the Caring House (kind of like a nursing home).  What a blessed time we had spending Thanksgiving with people that would usually have spent the day alone!! 

Ella and Charlotte (with the help of Kendall) passing out the fruit we brought. 

Melissa talking with her new friend

The next day we went out to Cockleburr.  It was a fun day just spending time with each other, playing with the kids, and praying for one another.  We also were able to pass out some blankets (donated from a different church in KY).

The kids playing a game of red light green light

All smiles!  Isn't he a cutie?

Saturday morning, Melissa and Meredith taught the girls from First Pima how to sew and make their own purses.  It was a great time of learing, but most importantly of building relationships.

Meredith showing Jessie what to do

The finished product!  They did an excellent job!

Thanks again to all the churches that sent donations to help us with Thanksgiving this year!  A special thanks to the Cripes for spending your Thanksgiving serving with us!  We really appreciate it!!

From our family to yours- Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

The Gibbs Family

Monday, November 7, 2011

Baptisms and a Baby Dedication

Last Sunday night was an awesome service at First Pima Baptist Church! 

We started the service off with a Baby Dedication that Eric was privileged and honored to conduct. 

Here Eric is talking about the importance and significance of dedicating your child to the Lord.  He is also giving the example from the Bible of Hannah dedicating her son Samuel.

Next, he brought Darien and baby Jace up to the front.  He asked Darien a series of questions about raising up Jace in church and to love the Lord.

Isn't he a cutie?

Then he asked the church a series of questions about their role in helping to raise baby Jace.  Eric and I were also honored that Darien asked us to play a key role in Jace's life (almost like the role of a godparent). 
The whole family was called up to the front as we ended the service of dedicating Jace and closed in prayer.

What a big family, huh? Ever heard of the phrase"It takes a village..."?  Seriously, one of my favorite things about the culture of Native Americans is the closeness of family.  This family has been so good to us since we moved and welcomed us in like their family.  They mean a lot to us!!

The next part of the service, Eric got the honor to baptize two new believers!  One of which was Darien!!  What a special service for her to follow the Lord in baptism and to dedicate her son with the whole family present!!  

The second person to be baptized was a young man named Shawn.  We met him a few months ago.  He walked up to our house off the street and asked Eric if the church would give him a Bible.  He shared with us that he just got out of jail, and while there someone had dropped off the booklets called Daily Bread.  He said that he had been reading that but didn't have a Bible to go with it.  Of course, we gave him one.  Eric talked with him a great deal that night about his experience in jail, offered our assistance in whatever way we could him, and invited him to come to church the next night.  Guess what?  He came!  We talked with him several times that week and he finally opened up that he had no where to go.  (He is from a different tribe, but has to stay here until his probation is over.) He had been sleeping out in the desert.  So, we talked with some church members about the situation, and thankfully someone has offered their home for him to stay in!!  To make a long story short, he continued to come to church and he accepted Christ as his Savior about 3 weeks ago during a revival!!

Like the old hymn says, "to God be the glory, great things He hath done"!!!  Praising Him for working in these two lives!!!