Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness

Yes, I know that it has been that time of the year.  All kinds of basketball games, favorite teams being cheered for, some teams losing, while others making it all the way to the final game.  And while that it was most everyone thinks of when they hear the words "March Madness", I'm talking about something far different. 

I'm talking about being MAD about MISSIONS!!  This is what we've been about!!

And while many people probably think that I've really missed out on the NCAA madness,  I really haven't.  I have gained so much more!!

I look back over the month of March and I have no regrets.  I remember a mission team from Mississippi coming out to help!  I remember a mission team from Kentucky coming out to help! I remember 3 Kids Camps taking place in 3 different districts/villages.  I remember a ramada being built to have church services under (in a village with NO Gospel presence)!!  I remember knocking on people's doors inviting them to come to church.  I remember 7 people giving their life to Christ!!!!



What are the things that make you excited?  What are the things that you go mad over?

Often times, I have been at a ballgame (no matter what sport) and gotten caught up in the excitement.  People everywhere are cheering and screaming and going crazy for their team of choice.  I have been one of those people doing the cheering and screaming and going crazy.  Then one day, in the midst of all that excitement, this thought came to me: "How much different would this world be if Christians got as excited about Jesus as they did about a ballgame?"   I was convicted in that moment, and I prayed that God would make me more like Him and make me passionate about the things that He was passionate about. 

I didn't want to worship anything other than Him.  And let's face it-  some people worship sports.  They don't like to admit that, but it's the truth.  You can always tell what someone worships by the way they spend their time and money (and what they post on facebook haha). 

But seriously, I think it's important to relax and have fun and to have hobbies.  I'm not saying it's wrong to watch a basketball game.  What I am saying, Christian,  is let's go MAD over the things in life that matter, that count, that make Kingdom differences!!

Below is a picture of one of the events that took place this month.  Lorinda gave her life to Christ and the following Sunday was baptized!!!  She is the only person in her family to ever become a Christian. She got herself up that Sunday morning and got her stuff together by herself.  Everyone else in her family was alseep and didn't want to come.  But it was important to her, and she was waiting at the door when Eric came to pick her up!!  Now that's something to go MAD about!!!

(The video is on facebook if you would like to see it.  I couldn't get it on here for some reason.)

Check back next week for updates on the mission teams!!!

MAD about Jesus and missions,

Friday, March 9, 2012

Will you pray for us?

These past couple of weeks have been super busy!!! 

We've had our good friends, Donnie and Carla Houston, come out and help us for a week at the end of February.  We had a great week of serving together with them!!

We've done all of our "normal" activities of having the youth at First Pima and having church at Cockleburr and going out to Chuichu.  But we've also had several other things going on as well: our first ever Disciple Now Weekend with the youth, visiting and ministering with our friends in Hickiwan, Eric preaching this month at First Pima, trying to start a ministry in a new village, and preparing for 2 mission teams!!

Not to mention all the non-ministry stuff: adoption paperwork and other related activites (CPR class), Eric's schoolwork and mid-term exam this week, parent-teacher conferences, Jury Duty, and the list goes on and on.

Here are some recent pics:

The reason we are asking for prayer is because we are already worn out and the 2 mission teams haven't even got here yet.  We know that busyness (even if it is church/missions related) does not equate holiness. 

We have felt intense spiritual warfare already this week, and we know that Satan is trying to distract us.  For instance- Eric had to deal with a really hard situation that was going on at our church this week; a situation that affects the whole church.  It always seems that these things happen right before a mission team comes or when they are here (am I right last year team members from First Missionary?).  Also, we have received conformation from one of the teams that Satan is trying to distract most of their team members because of illness or family situations going on.  

Would you please pray for us spiritually and physically?

Would you pray for the team from Flat Top Unity Baptist Church from Picayune, Mississippi?

Would you pray for the team from Hardin Baptist Church from Hardin, KY?

We will have about 45 people total from both teams here in these 2 weeks, and we know that the impact made could be huge.  Most importantly ETERNAL!!! 

So, as Ephesians 6:11 states, we are putting on our armor to stand against the schemes of Satan.   Will you, as verse 18 states, pray and make supplication for us??

Thanks so much supporters!!  We love and appreciate you!!


Friday, March 2, 2012

New T-Shirts

We have new t-shirts for sale!!!



(These came as one attachement and I can't separate the pics!)

The first shirt is our adoption fundraising shirt.  On the front are the words "147 Million Orphans" with a map of the world in the background.  The back has Proverbs 24:12 written in black.  We included this verse because we know that all people are not called to adopt, but we know that all people are called to do something, which could include helping families (like ours) with the expense of adopting!!!  Thank you so much to all of you that have helped in this way!!!

The second shirt is our ministry shirt for 2012.  On the front are the words "Arizona Missions 2012" with mountains and cactus in the background.  On the back is Matthew 5:16 written in green, which is our theme verse for the year.  This shirt would be great to have if you are coming on a mission trip this year or if you would just like to show your support for our ministry!!

Also, we are reordering our shirts that we made for last year.
The back of the shirt.  And yes, I am wearing it in this picture :)

These, as you can see, do not have a date.  Also, they would be great to wear to remind you and others that our mission is all the time, not just a week for a mission trip.

ALL shirts shown above are $15.  Please add $2 for sizes 2XL and up.  Also, please add $3 for shipping (if needed).

Orders are being placed March 12 so please have your order to us by then!!

If you are interested in any of the shirts, please send an email to  You will need to specify which shirt you want (adoption, new 2012 ministry, or old ministry) as well as how many, sizes, etc.

Payment can be made by cash or check.  Please make checks payable to Eric or Brittany Gibbs. If mailing, send to PO Box 2237, Sacaton, AZ 85147.

Thanks so much!!