Monday, May 28, 2012

Simpson Baptist- Day 2

Sunday was Simpson Baptist's 2nd day here on the mission field.  They had a great day going to church, singing, teaching Sunday School, etc. at First Pima. 

Dr. Cecil presenting the mission team

Worshipping at First Pima

Sunday night was a special service.  We had a potluck meal, singspiration service, and a 2 baptisms. One of those baptisms was our sweet daughter Ella!!  It was a wonderful night of fellowshipping and getting to know everyone, as well as a wonderful night praising our Savior!!

Eric baptizing Carrie

Eric baptizing our daughter, Ella

The whole Simpson Baptist crew singing together

New friends being made :)

More updates soon!!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simpson Baptist Church-Day 1

Today was the first official "work" day for Simpson Baptist Church.  They've been working hard all day with several different projects. 

The men of the mission team are working hard on building an addition onto our house!!  A couple of the men came out a couple of months ago and decided that they would like to bless our family in this way.  We are so excited about this!!! 

The beginning- tearing off the roof of our back porch

First wall up

Two walls up!!

While the men were building, the rest of the team had a "free" day for the community.  Obviously, this meant that everything was free, and the people from the community could hardly believe that! It presented a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel and invite everyone that came to church!!

Getting everything set up!

The best sign holder in the whole world!!

Everyone loading up on all the free goodies :)

I think it's safe to say that Day 1 has been a success!!  Ready to see what the rest of the week holds :)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our interns are here!!!

We are so excited that Mark and Jessi Davis arrived yesterday!!!! 

They had no time to rest yesterday because we had to go to Cockleburr last night for our church service.

Here are some pics that I took on my phone:

Mark playing a game with the kids

Jessi getting introduced to Angel (who is not always an angel by the way) :)

We are super excited that they are here and can't wait to see how the summer unfolds!!!

As I type, Eric is showing them around the reservation and trying to explain as much as possible before our first team arrives on Friday!!!

Thanks for your prayers!! 

More updates soon!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Next Week

Next week is when things start to get crazy around here!  (Who am I kidding?  Things are always crazy around here.)  So, it's the start of the craziest and busiest time of the year.  We are super excited, yet we are overwhelmed at all the things that still have to be done.

Tuesday is when our summer interns arrive- Mark and Jessi Davis!!  Yay!!  We'll get them started off right by going immediately to our church service in Cockleburr that night and then having youth group the next night :) Then we'll get the last minute things together for our first mission team that arrives on Friday afternoon!  Holy Cow! I can't believe they will be here in a week!!

Then the summer will be jam packed full of all kinds of awesome stuff!!  We will have 5 more mission teams to get ready for, a trip to KY with our youth for Crossings Camp, and just the regular, every week ministry we already have going!! 

We really are excited about everything that is coming up, but we also know it's a time that Satan uses to attack us.  From experience, we know that he will throw up any distraction to make us lose focus of what God has in store. 

Will you pray for us in these ways as we begin our "crazy"?

1. Pray that God's will be done this summer.  We don't want to come up with any project or mission site on our own.  We want God to direct our steps. 

2. Pray for us (Eric and Brittany) as well as our kiddos.  We love having mission teams come to help us and minister with us, however, it is sometimes really hard on us as a family.  We don't get to spend a great deal of just "us" time.  Not to mention, that Ella will go back to school before the last mission team comes.  Pray that we will be very intentional in spending our time with one another. 

3.  Pray for our health- both physical and spriritual.  After last summer, I (Brittany) was sick for several months, which I personally believe was an overflow of not taking care of myself over the summer.  Also, pray for us that we would set specific time to be alone with God.  This is VITAL and we know it.  We do not ever want to equate our "business" for God for our relationship with Him.

4. Pray for Mark and Jessi Davis- our interns.  Neither one of them have been here before, so it will all be new.  They will only be here 3 days before the first team arrives.  Pray for a quick and easy adjustment.  Pray for their spiritual and physical health.  Pray God uses them, and they are able to minister to people that we haven't been able to yet.

5. Pray for the mission teams that are coming out.  Pray for their preparedness- both spiritual and physical.  Pray for the members to have a servant attitude and one that is flexible.  Pray for their boldness in sharing Christ.

6. Pray for the mission sites and people we will be coming in contact with. We either want to be sharing Christ with those who do not believe or discipling those who already do.  Pray that God would show us who we need to minister to. 

Thanks so much for your prayers and support!!!

I will try my best to update as much as possible this summer!!