Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank You (to a bunch of people)!!

We need to say "thank you" to so many people!!!  God has truly blessed us with friends and family and even strangers that care so much for our family and the ministry here in AZ.  There is no way that we could do what we do without the support of so many of you. 

This post is being written to thank a couple of specific groups of people:

1. The mission team of Trinity Baptist Church from Wellston, Oklahoma- This group so graciously (and at the last minute) included our family into their mission trip by hanging the sheetrock in our new addition to our house.  There is no way Eric could have done it all by himself, and we are so thankful to them for their willingness to serve our family in this way.

2. The WMU of New Zion Baptist Church in Benton, KY- This group of ladies worked so hard to make such cute pillowcase dresses for us to give to the little girls here on the reservation.  They were definitely a hit too!  We passed out 80 dresses in 1 day!!  (and they just sent us some more!)  Thanks ladies!!

3. The individuals who gave so generously towards getting a van-  We cannot say thank you enough to those who gave.  God totally blew our mind with this whole ordeal!!  We thought we were going to get an older 15 passenger van to transport individuals back and forth to church.  However, that fell through because God had something better in store.  We were able to get a 19 passenger minibus!!!  It is several years newer and has about 100,000 miles less on it!!  We are so excited to get to use this for our ministry!  That is 19 more people that we can transport to church to hear the Gospel!!! 

4. The youth of First Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, KY and Paul Wilkerson- These individuals worked hard all year to raise money to pay for 6 of our youth to go to Crossings (church camp) at Jonathan Creek.  This past week was so amazing getting to see our girls experience so many things for the first time.  It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for them.  I believe it was life-changing for all of them, but it changed the eternity of one of them forever!!  We are so thankful to you guys for all your hard work raising the funds for this amazing week!! (I plan to write a separate blog post just for this week so check back soon.)

Eric and Brittany

Friday, June 8, 2012

Simpson Baptist- Week Review in Pictures

So, I had really good intentions of updating on a daily basis so that it wouldn't be so much at the end of the week.  BUT, things got busy as usual, and I got tired at night and decided to go to sleep rather than blog :) 

I did post updates from Day 1 and Day 2 that the group was here.  Here are pics from the rest of the week:

Our new addition becoming more complete!!

Community Softball Game

Jessi showing us her pitching skills :)

Working Hard!!

VBS in District 2.  This is Mrs. Margaret teaching the lesson and using the kids in a demonstration so they better understand the Bible story.

Eric and Mark playing ball with some of the youth that came to VBS

Jessi and Jackie

Tuesday night @ Cockleburr- This is the children's class.

Adult Bible Study in Cockleburr

Praying for James to overcome his alcohol addiction through Christ!  This was his first time to ever come to "church" and we've been going out there for a year and a half!!

Mark checking for snakes in the outhouse before he goes in :)

Sweet Baby Alejandro

Some of Simpson's group with some of our girls from First Pima

New shower installed thanks to John Tanner!!

Here's the group the night before they left

Thanks Simpson Baptist for coming out and serving for a week!!  We appreciate all your hard work!!


P.S. Our next mission team arrives tomorrow.  We would appreciate your prayers for them and us as we begin this week of ministering together.  We are excited for what God is going to do!!  I will try my best to update every night :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Awesome Chance to Help- In a big way!!

Over the last year and a half God has done some amazing things in the lives of the Native American people He has called us to serve. There have been numerous salvations and multiple doors opened for new ministry. God has strengthened the existing Native Churches and laid the ground work for two brand new churches.

All the new ministry has given us the opportunity to meet lots of new people. Many of those are interested in coming to church, but due to the vastness of the desert in which we serve, many people have no way to travel the several miles that it takes to get there.

We have prayed and prayed that God would open the door for our ministry to have a 15 passenger van. We thought we had one, but it never worked out. The van we had planned on using has left us with less money than we started with. :( So back to square one.

We have recently (today) come across a great deal on a used, but running well, 15 passenger van. It was originally priced well out of our range, but once I told the guy what we needed it for he cut the price to almost half of his original price.

Would you consider helping us make this purchase?

At this point we need about $2,000 more.

This van will play a huge role in reaching the people on the reservations with the Gospel. Please consider investing in and providing a way for people to come and hear the Good News.

Any amount will help!

Feel free to email us at liveloveaz@gmail.com for more information.  Or if God has placed an amount on your heart already, you can send a check to: Live Love Ministries, PO Box 2237, Sacaton, AZ 85147. 

In Christ,