Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Video of Mission Week

Click the link below to watch a video of Puryear Baptist Church's mission team with First Pima Baptist Youth. 


These two teams partnered together as one for the very first Mission Week!!  They served in Chuichu and Cockleburr.  The video highlights everything that took place during the week.  A special thanks goes to Lisa Brannon for putting it all together.  Please take some time to watch how the youth of First Pima got involved in serving others this summer!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Reflection of the Summer

Wow!  What an amazing summer of missions!  So many things took place this summer, and God worked in countless ways; it's hard to even know where to begin. 

This is the beginning of the second week since our summer has officially been "over", and I am still processing all that God has done.  It's simply just amazing!!  I think I can go on record and say that it was the best one yet!

Let's take a moment to look at the numbers.  Sometimes that helps to put things into perspective.

5 = number of mission teams
First Missionary in Cockleburr
= number of Vacation Bible Schools
Chuichu VBS
1 = number of youth mission weeks (the first one ever!)
Haili was saved and baptized during youth mission week
18 = number of days spent working on the new fellowship hall
The beginning of summer

What it looks like now!
4 = number of Back to School Bash Events

Giving school supplies to each child
1 = number of Women's Ministry Events

@ First Pima
18 = number of animals that were vaccinated by Dr. Badger (able to build several new relationships with this ministry)

5 = number of grocery trips made to feed everyone :)

Notice Santos and Titus- our 2 biggest helpers :)
4 = number of Congolese refugee families served

Provided basic necessities to this sweet family
104 = the number of volunteers that came out to serve this summer

1400 = total number of hours Eric and I worked in 8 weeks!

28 = total number of people that surrendered their life to Christ!!

16 = total number of those that were baptized!!




Ailysa and Joycelynn









Isn't that amazing???? 
Please join us in praying for those that are just beginning their new walk with Christ:
  • Teresa     
  • Linda                                                 
  • Sage
  • Patricia      
  • Trevino           
  • Ailysa
  • Daniel                          
  • Xylina                                             
  • Joycelynn
  • Joshua                              
  • Crystal  A.                                        
  • Mikayla
  • Khalil                                 
  • Miranda                              
  • Brianna
  • Haili                                                         
  • Crystal  W.                                    
  • Marie
  • Marchelle                                                   
  • Diana                                                 
  • Rochelle
  • Joe                                                               
  • Mary                                                 
  • Moses
  • Joanie                                                           
  • Renny                                                
  • Elgin
  • Sandra

We want to give a special thanks to all the mission teams that came out this summer and served!!  First Missionary Baptist Church, Puryear Baptist Church, Hardin Baptist Church, First Baptist Mayfield, and First Baptist Fredonia- we love you all and appreciate your partnership with us!!!  Thanks for all your hard work and helping to make this an absolutely incredible summer!!   We look forward to see all that God is going to do with the relationships that were built!!
I said earlier that our summer is over, but we actually have one more team coming in 2 weeks!  We are looking forward to Walnut Memorial Baptist Church coming out to serve.  Can't wait to see how God is going to use them too!!
Thanks for continuing to pray for us and the ministry here in AZ!!